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    Our mission is basic and straight forward: we realize that a parent knows their child best, and our role as health care providers is to utilize that strength and work with your family to enhance the well being of your child.

    Every child is different, and we respect their individuality. Watching each child develop and achieve their potential is the most gratifying aspect of pediatrics.

    About Magdalena Oleszak, M.D., F.A.A.P

    Every person has a right to live in dignity, pursue his dream in life and provide his children the best possible future. This is the reason why my husband and I left Poland a few years after completing our Medical School. While still in our residency program, we were able to escape the communist regime , but by doing so we had to accept life in a refugee camp with our 2 year old son. Our commitment, perseverance and our strong will helped us get through tough times in Italy and Canada. Finally, after taking the Canadian and the American medical licensing exams, we settled our family here on Long Island.

    I joined the Pediatric Residency program at Stony Brook University Hospital. During my residency I received an award for “Best Resident” as well as recognition from Rotary International for helping foreign pediatric patients. My husband completed Anesthesiology Residency and joined the Cardiac Surgery team at Stony Brook University Hospital.

    After completing my Pediatric Residency in 1993, I joined this private practice and never considered looking for any other opportunity! This is my place which I love and will continue working as long as I can. I am so proud to see how much our hard work and dedication has evolved our practice and made it grow to Kids First Pediatrics. We are designated to bring health and well-being to our community. We have recently developed new projects like our Wellness Program and the Art of Breastfeeding. I truly believe that our passion will help to improve our future that is in the hands of our Kids.

    I am Board Certified, a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a member of the Suffolk County Pediatric Society. I am affiliated with St. Charles Hospital/Mather Hospital and Stony Brook University Hospital.

    I live in Setauket with my husband, our 3 children and our German Shepard Sonia. My lifetime hobby has been photography, especially capturing nature’s wonders. I was honored to have an opportunity to display my photographs in the Polish Consulate in Manhattan. I love to practice yoga and I’m involved in studying yoga scriptures. The yoga experience has helped to enrich my life. Time away from the office, I enjoy traveling and getting to know different cultures and different ways of living. While at home, I love spending time in the garden, growing my own vegetables as well as cooking, focusing on power foods. I speak Polish; however my favorite word is NAMASTE!

    About Damian Forletti, M.D., F.A.A.P.

    I was born and raised in Queens County, New York. I completed my undergraduate studies in chemistry at New York University. While attending NYU, I participated in research in cardiac muscle physiology at Einstein School of Medicine. It was at that point I decided to pursue the study of Medicine and during my medical school training I developed a passion for Pediatrics.

    Wanting to stay near New York City I joined the residency program in Pediatrics at North Shore University Hospital in Nassau County. I was not only trained by a superb attending staff at NSUH but I was fortunate enough to meet my wife, Barbara, in the Emergency Department while we cared for the patients who passed through that department.

    Barbara was from Riverhead, I was from Queens, and we decided to live half-way between our families in Setauket. I have been practicing Pediatrics in this community since 1988. Since then I have become Board Certified in Pediatrics, become a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, become a member of the Suffolk County Pediatric Society, and a member of the Medical Society of the State of New York. More importantly I had the opportunity and been entrusted to participate in the care of thousands of children in cooperation with their families.

    Recently I and several other physicians received the honor of being recognized by Stony Brook Medical Center for 20 years of dedicated service to the community. Over these years I have had the opportunity to see some of these children grow to adult hood, pursue various levels of education and fields of interest.

    When I am not at work, I can be found with my wife and our three boys and our four dogs. We enjoy basketball, baseball, or fishing in Long Island Sound when weather permits. During the winter months I attempt to keep pace with the boys skiing and snowboarding while Barbara enjoys the warmth of the ski lodge.

    About Maria McManus, R.P.A.C.

    I grew up in upstate New York or I graduated in Middletown High School and then went on two get my B.S. in biology from SUNY Albany. During my time in Albany I learned about the Physician Assistant profession and decided to pursue this new career. I completed the PA program at SUNY Stony Brook in 1983 and obtained my National Certification as a Physician Assistant. After graduating I worked in a Family Practice for a short time and then went on to spend three years at Southside Hospital as House Staff. I was then recruited by Mather Hospital where I held the Chief PA position for seven years.

    Although I’ve worked in several areas of medicine, Pediatrics was where my heart resided. I was very happy to become the first Physician Assistant for what is now Kids First Pediatrics in 1993. During these past 23 years, it has been a joy and a privilege to be part of this health care team. I am so thankful for the opportunity to care for your children and watch them become young adults. I hope to continue to provide quality health care for them for many years to come.

    As a SUNY alumnus, I am a Pediatric Clinical Preceptor for both the Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner Programs at Stony Brook and participate on the PA admissions committee. I am also part of the Career Day program at William Floyd High School and shadow high school students interested in going into health care.

    I currently reside with my family and Shoreham and enjoy running, music and golf.

    About Linda Wynne

    About Dr. O

    About Dr. Neuschotz

    Office Policies

    Office Policies & Procedures

    Financial Policy

    Insurance-We participate with most insurance plans. If you are not insured by a plan we have contracted with, payment in full is expected at each visit. If you are insured by a plan we do business with, but their system states your coverage is termed for any reason, payment in full for each visit is required until we can verify your coverage. Once coverage can be verified, claims will be resubmitted and upon receipt of payment, a refund will be issued to you.

    Co-Payments/Co-insurance-Must be paid at time of service. This arrangement is part of YOUR contract with YOUR insurance company. Failure on our part to collect the patient responsibility payment, at the time of service, can be considered fraud. If not paid at the time of service, a $5 processing fee will be charged.

    Non-Covered Services-Our physicians believe that the following supplies and/or services are an important part of your child’s care and recommend that you receive these supplies and/or services in our office in order to provide your child with the best care possible. School forms require some of these services. Please be aware that some services you receive may be considered non-covered by your insurance carrier. You are obligated to pay the “patient responsibility” portion for these services. Each insurance carrier has hundreds of different insurance plans; therefore, knowing your benefits is YOUR responsibility. Please be aware our billing department is not responsible for knowing what YOUR specific plan will or will not cover. We have contracted with certain insurance carriers and must follow what is allotted on the patient’s Explanation of Benefits. Any patient responsibilities “write off” is considered fraud, therefore, if the Explanation of Benefits states a patient balance, we are obligated to collect that balance by law. To help you in determining what a covered service is and what isn’t we suggest you call your insurance company directly. For your convenience, below is a list of usual routine billing codes. You, the parent are responsible for the payment therefore, it is your responsibility to inform us prior to the service if you believe your insurance will not cover it and you feel it is not necessary.

    Suresight-92015 Cholesterol -80061 Tympanometry -92567 Glucose -82948

    Vision -99173 Lead Test -83655 Urinalysis -81000

    Hearing -92587 Denver -96110 CBC- -85025

    Proof of Insurance-All patients must complete our patient insurance form at the time of appointment. A copy of your current insurance card must be on file before we submit claims to your carrier. It is your responsibility to notify us within 30 days with any change of insurance.

    Claim Submission-We will submit your claims and assist you in any way we reasonably can to help get your claims paid. Your insurance company may need you to supply certain information directly. It is your responsibility to comply with their request. Please be aware that the balance of your claims is your responsibility whether or not your insurance company pays your claim. Your insurance benefits are contracted between you and your insurance company. WE ARE NOT a party to that contract. Insurance carriers will not accept any claims submitted after 90 days therefore, it is imperative we have accurate information prior to submitting your claim to avoid any delay. Secondary insurance-As a courtesy, we will submit to a secondary carrier.

    Broken/Missed Appointments-If you are unable to keep your appointment, you must give us the courtesy of canceling at least 24 hours in advance. This gives us the opportunity to fill the schedule. Our Missed Appointment Fee is $25, which is a fraction of the overhead expense incurred.

    Return Check-Our return check fee is $20, after two bounced checks patient is required to pay with cash only.

    Motor Vehicle Accident Claims-Are covered by No-Fault Insurance. It is YOUR responsibility to notify the carrier involved and submit our bill to them. We will complete the NO FAULT CLAIM form once we receive it from your carrier. It is your responsibility to follow up with the insurance carrier if payment is not received within 45 days at which time will then be considered a Patient Balance.

    Non-Payment: It is our office policy that patient balances must be paid in full prior to scheduling any well appointments. If your account is 90 days past due, you will receive a letter stating that you have 10 days to pay our account in full. Please be aware that if a balance remains unpaid, we may refer your account to a collection agency and your immediate family members may be discharged from this practice for non-payment. If this is to occur, you will be notified by regular and certified mail that you have 30 days to find alternative medical care. During the 30 day period, we will treat your child for sick care only.

    Privacy: HIPPA rules are taken very seriously at Kids First Pediatrics. Parents fill out paperwork that gives us permission to release medical information to where they request us to. Other people are not allowed to get information or to bring a child in, if the parent or guardian does not give consent. Medical information is not allowed to be faxed without written consent.


    Pre booking: We do not pre book sick appointments. Sick appointments need to be made the day they want to be seen. We do pre book for rechecks, immunizations, well visits, pre surgical clearances, etc.

    Walk-ins: The policy is that we do not accept walk-ins, unless it is an emergency. If someone does come in and there is room in the provider schedule, then we can fit that patient in at that time. We may ask you to come back later that day if we are unable to fit you into our schedule.

    Adding siblings: Please do not request to add on another child when you come in for your appointment. If you feel you need another child to be seen please call ahead to see if we have time to add another child to your time slot or if we have to change your appointment in order to accommodate two patients. Also there is paperwork involved for all visits and it makes it difficult when we aren’t given any notice.

    Call backs: When taking call backs, we advise the parent/patient on the phone that either the nurse or provider will call them back as soon as they can. We take a brief message of what the problem or question is so that the nurse or provider has an idea of what the situation is prior to returning the phone call.

    Referrals: After a patient makes an appointment with a specialist and checks with their insurance company to see if a referral is needed, they then contact us with all necessary information at least 48 hours before their appointment. Information needed from patient is the specialists name, address, phone number, fax number, date of appointment, reason for visit, and provider ID number. When all information is obtained, we can then generate the referral.

    After hours phone coverage: Every night after the office forwards the phone calls to the after-hours answering service, there is always an “on call” doctor that can be reached if you need to speak to one. If a patient must talk to a doctor during the evening hours, they can leave a message with the emergency line, where at that time the service will contact the on call doctor so that they can return the phone call to the parent. We share the after-hours with another practice, Kids Care, so the call you get could be from a doctor from that practice. They will relay any messages from our patients to the office the following morning. If you have a question for a nurse you will be directed to the St Charles help line 1-800-KIDS.

    Specimen Drop off: If a parent is told to drop off a urine specimen, it is important to drop it off in the morning to get the most accurate results. First morning urine can also be refrigerated up to several hours if unable to drop off first thing in the morning. Having an abnormal urine analysis DOES NOT mean there is something wrong with your child. Sometimes the way the urine was collected, what time of day it was collected, and how long it was in a container before testing can affect the results of the urine analysis. If it comes back normal in our office no further testing is needed. If it comes back abnormal at all it will be sent to the lab for further testing. We will be able to sign off on any school forms once we have a normal urine.

    School/camp form: If the school form is available at the time of the well visit, the form can be completed at the time. If the form is to be completed at some point after the well visit, most forms can be completed within 5-7 business days during busy well season or 2-3 days any other time of year. Please be aware that sports physical exams require a urinalysis. Results requiring follow up may delay completion of your form. If your child has had a problem with protein in their urine in the past, it is recommended that you collect a first urine specimen upon arising to bring in with you on the date of your visit. Urine can be stored for up to 4 hrs in the refrigerator. It is up to the parent to review the completed form and to submit it to those who’ve requested it. We can supply a generic Health form. See our “forms” tab.

    Please notify us if there is a deadline for the form to be completed and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    Medical records request including immunization records: If a parent is requesting immunization records by fax they MUST give us a written consent to release that information. If you are unable to fax us consent we will only be able to mail them home or you can pick up a copy in the office.

    New patients: Our panel is open to new patients. Prior to booking a well visit as a new patient, we will need the child’s records from the previous physician. You must complete a record release and have the records mailed to us prior to your well visit.

    If your child has an HMO, the PCP will be verified prior to the visit. One of our providers must be verified as the PCP. When registering new patients, several things are needed, such as; name, date of birth, address, phone number, insurance ID number, etc. Whether it is a newborn or a child coming to the practice for the first time, there is paper work that needs to be filled out for HIPPA and billing purposes. The paperwork can either be given at the time of their visit, or can be found on the website under “forms.”

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    Insurance Plans


    List of our Insurance Carriers: We do ask that you confirm coverage with your insurance carrier prior to your visit.
    • Amerigroup
    • Aetna
    • Empire BCBS
    • Fidelis
    • GHI
    • Healthfirst
    • HIP
    • Island Group
    • Local 1199
    • Magnacare
    • Medicaid
    • Multiplan
    • NSLIJ
    • Oxford
    • United Healthcare

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